Alibre is now 3D Systems Geomagic!

3D Systems is committed to improving and democratizing access to powerful and affordable 3D software solutions for the benefit of professionals and beginners alike. A key part of that commitment is to combine the Alibre products and team into the 3D Systems Geomagic group and an initial step is that they have rebranded Alibre Design products as Geomagic Design.

This means that the software will now be a core part of a much larger, yet highly experienced, software operation, making available additional support, development and training resources. It also means that the Geomagic Design products will ultimately be able to benefit from the other interesting and game-changing technologies in the Geomagic group that deliver 3D haptic modeling, reverse engineering, scanning, and inspection software.

We are all excited about this transition and foresee great possibilities in the future of the Geomagic Design software.

Products affected: