It's about time! ... and money

Get your designs out of your head, off the scratchpads and scribbles and into your hands!

Developers, inventors and designers are poised to achieve previously unimaginable freedom in design thanks to contemporary 3D software and 3D printing capabilties. As with any new technology,  the beginnings are filled with spectacular growth in capabiltieis and subsequent obselence of entire product lines can occur within months of a product launch. The birth pains of 3D are no different.

Perhaps, you want to wait it out and invest in printing technologies and the complimentary array of necessary software at some future date. You will already be too late.

In the interim, while your company decides which direction to go, Tronetix LLC can offer immediate design help and assistance for your project. With a good array of 3D design abilities and 3D printing and scanning combined with our relationships with industry leaders in manufacturing and advanced prototyping and 3D scanning systems, we can help supercharge your project development and design process.

Architects! Need a building model quickly and accurately for your bid? We can help. Whether or not you plan to purchase your own printer or farm it out, we can assist in getting the job done right and on time.

Engineers! Electronic design and mechanical packaging is our specialty. With 30 years of CAD/CAE product development, the team at Tronetix LLC can assist your team in mechanical design elements to professionally designed Printed Circuit board layouts. We can follow through to board fabrication, quoting and specialize in design for manufacturing and producibilty carried over from decades in the Aerospace sector. No job is too small and I mean small: .4mm pitch bgas, microvia, SERDES, PCIe, DDR, fine pitch, fine line, Diffpairs, signal name it. We can design the boards others fail to deliver.  Working in a 3D environment, your PCB will also be modeled for your 3D solid modeling application so packaging constraints are incorporated efficiently and properly.

Artist! Since the Renaissance, there has been no better time to create freely and without the limitations of actual producibility methods. Now, your articulate or complex organic shape designs can be made and placed in the hands of others to admire and cherish. 3D printing and the incredible power of todays computing running the state of the art software and algorithms are used to create your visions. With access to a plethora of printing techniques, we can assist your creative process whether in ceramics, metal, plastics, or glass.

Contact us today to discuss yor next project needs.